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Air Zermatt's fleet is adapted to meet the challenging and unique conditions of the Valais mountains. Each helicopter has its strengths, and our technical service means the machines are always ready to undertake difficult operations at the 4,000-metre-high peaks

Ecureuil H125
(AS 350 B3)

The Eurocopter (formerly known as Aérospatiale, today as Airbus Helicopter) Ecureuil H125 (AS 350 B3) is a light single-engine multipurpose helicopter. On 14 May 2005 an AS 350 B3+ was the first helicopter landing on the peak of the Mount Everest (8,848 m).

EC 130 T2

As one of the quietest helicopters in the skies, the H130 sets the standard for tour operations worldwide. The wide, unobstructed cabin can accommodate the pilot and up to six passengers, providing outstanding visibility through large wrap-around windscreen and wide windows.


Bell 429

The first take off took place on 27 February 2007, it was approved by the Canadian Aviation Authority on 1 July 2009, and by the EASA according to CS-27 on 23 September 2009, whereas delivery was planned to start at the end of 2009. The Bell 429 is manufactured in Mirabel, Canada.

of the aircraft

The Technical Service Department of Air Zermatt AG is responsible for the care and maintenance of all in-house helicopters. Air Zermatt AG has had EASA Part 145 certification since 2007. This certification entitles us to carry out maintenance work on civil helicopters from all over Europe.


A3 Helicopters

  • Bell 429
  • EC 135 T2/T3
  • EC 130 T2
  • Ecureuil H125 (AS 350 B3) series
  • SA 315 B Lama
  • SA 3160, 316, 319, Alouette 3
  • Robinson R22, R44
  • Electrical System Installations

C5 Electrical Power

  • General Limitation
  • Components and scope as per the Capability List defined in the Company Exposition MOE

Since 2009, Air Zermatt AG has also been EASA Part M certified with Privilege I. This certification authorizes us to perform the maintenance for the airworthiness of aircraft as well as to test the airworthiness of aircraft according to the EASA Part M Subpart G & I certification. On March 1, 2022, the EASA Part M rating with privilege I was replaced by the EASA Part CAMO CH.CAMO.3007 rating. The privileges remain the same.

The technical service of Air Zermatt AG is responsible for the care and maintenance of all company-owned helicopters. Since 2007 Air Zermatt AG has the EASA Part 145 approval CH.145.0233. This approval entitles us to perform maintenance work on civil helicopters from all over Europe.

Our company attaches great importance to high quality standards. At our EASA Part 145 certified maintenance facility, we combine technology, know-how and experience for the benefit of Air Zermatt and our customers. We will support and advise you on all matters concerning your helicopter and guarantee the highest service quality in all areas of maintenance, spare parts procurement and logistics.


Information / Contact
Air Zermatt AG
Technical Service Department
René Lauber
Wolfseyastrasse 11
CH-3942 Raron
+41 27 570 70 81
E-Mail: rene.lauber@air-zermatt.ch

Safety as top priority

The safety of customers and passengers is our top priority. Our fleet is equipped with Spidertracks, enabling our team to see where our aircraft are at all times, how they are flying, and communicate in real-time. We actively monitor our aircraft location and status, and will quickly be alerted in the event of an emergency.



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