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The Air Zermatt podcast that takes as long as a round trip around the Matterhorn.

Air Zermatt is legendary and world-famous. But what is it that makes the Valais helicopter company the talk of the town? People like you and me become heroes, rise above themselves and thus save the lives of others. In this podcast, we tell their exciting, touching and sometimes funny stories.

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The podcast programmes are produced in German or dialect in order to reproduce the stories as authentically as possible.

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The aeroplane of the future

Thomas Pfammatter

Pilot Thomas Pfammatter takes us on a mission with the rescue helicopter. In this episode, we also talk about the aircraft of the future, which Pfammatter is working on developing.

On behalf of security

Mike Williner

Mike Williner has been an air rescue worker for 26 years. In the winter months, his daily tasks include avalanche blasting to secure transport routes, settlements or ski areas.

Rescue on the Matterhorn

Thomas Grichting

One weekend in September a year ago is particularly memorable for experienced mountain rescuer Thomas Grichting. For 48 hours, he was constantly called out on difficult missions.

The shattered dream

Fabian Zuber

Fabian Zuber's big goal in life was to be a helicopter pilot. Two helicopter crashes put an abrupt end to this dream.

40 years of Recco

Magnus Granhed

Air Zermatt played a key role in the development of Recco. With Recco, missing persons can be found in both winter and summer

The last flight

Gerold Biner

Gerold Biner looks back on a four-decade career with Air Zermatt. Of these, he was a pilot for 34 years and CEO of the company for a further 13 years. As of next weekend, Biner will no longer be allowed to conduct commercial passenger flights by helicopter for reasons of age. This is undoubtedly a significant turning point in his life as a helicopter pilot. In a moving interview, we take a look back at Gerold Biner's extraordinary career.

The challenges in rescue services

Günther Willisch

Günther Willisch has proudly worn the Air Zermatt uniform for almost 3 decades. In his current role as Head of Emergency Services, he has witnessed first-hand the developments in medical care. The challenges he faces have grown steadily. But despite the increasing complexity of his tasks, Willisch himself remains actively involved in rescue operations. He emphasises: "Anyone who is not deeply moved by tragic rescues may have missed his true calling in the rescue world.

A sad mission

Shinji Tamura

In August 2023, Shinji Tamura from Zermatt in Pakistan wants to climb a mountain that has never been conquered before. But tragedy strikes. The experienced climber Tamura suffers a fatal accident. The rescuers in Pakistan give up and stop looking for Tamura's body. Air Zermatt wants to help and sends rescue specialist Bruno Jelk to Pakistan together with two Italian colleagues. However, the mission fails.

The rescue chief from Zermatt

Anjan Truffer

Anjan Truffer is head of the rescue station in Zermatt. His team, consisting of 14 mountain rescuers, goes into action when mountain rescues become a complicated matter. In this episode of the Alpha Zulu Podcast, Anjan Truffer expresses his willingness to support people in need. Nevertheless, he expresses clear criticism of mountaineers who climb mountains despite insistent warnings from experienced mountain guides. This is because it is not uncommon for rescue specialists to have to rescue precisely these climbers from emergencies.

Paramedic with heart and soul

Sandra Wenger

Sandra Wenger had already made a firm decision in her youth: Her vocation would one day be to work as a paramedic in a helicopter. This fervent dream accompanied her through the years and never faded. But when Sandra Wenger became a mother, she had to temporarily distance herself from this goal. Is it possible to be a mother and pursue a life in rescue at the same time? In this edition of the Alpha Zulu Podcast, we go in search of an answer.

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