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Find out more about Air Zermatt, its employees and themes that affect the helicopter rescue company in the articles below.

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Training Center

European Rotors 2023 in Madrid

Leonie Biner

European Rotors 2023 in Madrid: Air Zermatt triumphs with Bell 429 presentation, strengthens networks, and initiates leadership transition. A blend of industry success and cultural experience in the Spanish capital.

Air Zermatt Insights

Hamilton x Air Zermatt Store in the village of Zermatt

Jana Suter

After an intensive planning and implementation phase, the construction work is coming to an end - between the sweat, nerves and coordination, the joy of the new business premises outweighs.

Training Center

What to do when a customer suffers a heart attack?

Bruno Kalbermatten

The record is impressive – since its foundation in 1968, Air Zermatt has completed over 55,000 rescue operations. This wealth of experience means the rescue teams at the Valais helicopter company can also share their expertise with both professionals and laypeople at the Air Zermatt Training Center. 

People Story

My heroes of the air

Guest writer

In the summer season, the people who live in Upper Valais are often woken up in the morning by the noise of the red and white helicopters. The local residents can be divided into two groups when it comes to their reactions – those who get annoyed and crawl further under their duvet, and those who get up and look out of the window to admire the Air Zermatt machine in action. I definitely belong to the second group!

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