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The Horn

In 2016, Red Bull TV broadcast The Horn, a very special documentary series. It portrays the rescue crews of Air Zermatt on their daily missions around the Matterhorn.

The Crevasse

Episode 1 | Air Zermatt’s teamwork is tested when a skier falls into the darkness of a 30m glacial crevasse. The team must pull him out from the depths before the ice shifts and encases him in a frozen tomb.

Episode 1 - The Crevasse

The Mountain

Episode 2 | The Matterhorn and surrounding mountains can be treacherous, but for rescue service Air Zermatt it's home. As rescue veterans, the team have learned to put their emotions aside to get the job done.

Episode 2 - The Mountain

Faster than the Grim Reaper

Episode 3 | During a rescue, lead pilot Sam senses something wrong with the helicopter and must decide whether or not to land. Then, a life­-or-death situation in the Air Zermatt hangar tests the skill of medics.

Episode 3 - Faster than the Grim Reaper

The longest day

Episode 4 | During the peak winter season, adrenaline seekers from around the world descend upon the Swiss Valais Alps, creating a relentless cycle for Air Zermatt’s crews who field up to 25 rescues a day.

Episode 4 - The longest day

The smallest Piece

Episode 5 | Air Zermatt has revolutionised mountain rescue. Technology has come a long way since the original Lama helicopter, and Air Zermatt has been at the forefront of making rescues safer and more efficient.

Episode 4 - The smallest Piece

The Storm

Episode 6 | The only thing powerful enough to bring the Air Zermatt team to their knees is the weather. When a major storm shuts operations down, an isolated hiker must find his own way out of a dire situation.

Episode 6 - The Storm

Red Bull Media House Films produced this 6-part documentary series in collaboration with the American team from Original Media. The specialists of the production team accompanied the rescue crews of Air Zermatt during three months in the winter season 2015/2016 in their rescue operations, providing rapid assistance to victims of accidents in the mountains of Valais.


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