PPR Online Form Zermatt

PPR Request Form for Helicopter Zermatt (LSEZ).
Note: No PPR permission for Helicopter types like EC20 or equivalent. Except for MOU training

Your Informations

Arrival in Zermatt (LSEZ)

NOTE: first radio contact St.Niklaus on Heli 1 or VHF 130.005 Mhz
Without landing clearance hold over golf course between Randa and Täsch on 6'500 feet


To confirm by the PIC: Everything required

To confirm by the Helicopter Operator / PIC for all CAT flights not in performance class 1 to or from LSEZ

Regulations for foreign helicopters and schedule of fees: Reglement fremde Helikopter
PPR APPROVED BY: zermatt@air-zermatt.ch / valid only with the confirmation mail from dispatch Air Zermatt
Alle oben erwähnten Details sind durch den PIC zu bestätigen.


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