RECCO Backpack Rescue Reflector, black

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The RECCO backpack rescue reflector was specially designed for use on backpack straps. It is primarily intended for use in the summer to allow rescuers to locate missing persons easily from the helicopter. If using backpack reflector during the winter in areas with a danger of avalanches, the reflector should only be used on backpacks that are secured like an avalanche airbag backpacks with leg loops: A detached backpack with reflector can lead to a false signal during an avalanche operation. The RECCO search system has been standard equipment in organized rescue operations for many years. One must be equipped with a RECCO rescue reflector to be located by the RECCO detectors of the mountain rescuers. With the RECCO SAR Helicopter Detector, rescue forces can search large areas of free terrain for missing persons quickly and effectively from the helicopter.


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