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The RECCO helmet reflector is customized with the Air Zermatt logo. The RECCO helmet reflector was developed especially for the use with ski, climbing, cycling and other outdoor helmets. Designed as a sticker, the reflector can easily be permanently attached to a wide variety of helmets. The RECCO search system has been part of the standard equipment of organized rescue in avalanche operations for many years. In order to be located by the RECCO detectors used by mountain rescuers, one must be equipped with a RECCO rescue reflector. With the RECCO SAR Helicopter Detector, rescuers can quickly and effectively search large areas of open terrain for missing persons from a helicopter.

These small, passive reflectors do not wear out and can be used for a lifetime - even without a battery!


Key ring, 3.0 x 13 cm, weaved on the front with the text "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” in white and on the back with "air-zermatt.ch” and the Air Zermatt logo. Includes ring.

Article number: 108
Weight: 100 g
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RECCO – avalanche transceiver and missing person search system: The RECCO search system has been standard equipment in organized rescue operations for many years. One must be equip...

Article number: 158
Weight: 200 g
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The new Air Zermatt Twing drinking bottle made of stainless steel is a sustainable and high-quality product. The printed drinking bottle is the ideal companion to take along, for e...

Article number: 155
Weight: 500 g
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