Air Zermatt takes safety seriously. Learn more about the different rules and regulations. Your safety is our top priority.

Air Zermatt Flight Safety Rules



Dangerous Goods


Paint, paint thinner

Camping gas

Soda chargers, spray cans

Diving cylinders, diving torches

Gasoline and alcohol exceeding 70 %

Household chemicals

Car batteries


Lithium batteries > 160 Wh

E-bike batteries

Safety first

Security information for each helicopter
Airbus Helicopter AS 350 Ecureuil
Airbus Helicopter EC 130 T2
Bell Helicopter 429

Correct use of seat belts saves lives
At any time during a flight, sudden events may occur that – in and of themselves – do not pose a real threat to flight behaviour. However, passengers who are not properly strapped in may sustain injuries (often head injuries) from these rapid, jerky movements.

For that reason, it is advisable for passengers to keep their seat belts fastened until the helicopter has reached its final landing position. In case of emergency, it is recommended that passengers assume the position shown in the diagram. By folding your arms in front of your head, you protect it.





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