1. General provisions

1.1 Provision of material and preparation of loads
Aircraft operating materials such as straps, lines, skips, nets etc. shall be provided by Air Zermatt. The loads are usually attached by its employees. The transported goods shall be provided in a manner that they do not exceed the maximum weight specified in the offer or by the pilot.

1.2 Preparation of landing site and transported goods
Please be aware that there is a strong downwash or downward wind when the helicopters take off and land, as well as during transport or assembly. Air Zermatt shall not be liable for any damage caused to people, animals or property (vehicles, buildings etc.) by this downwash.
It is the sole responsibility of the client to prepare the loading and/or unloading areas accordingly and to ensure on-site safety.  Air Zermatt's flight assistants are available on request to provide any relevant information. The customer shall be liable for delays, i.e. additional time incurred, caused by faulty or incomplete preparation of the transported goods or assembly goods, as well as faulty or incomplete preparation of the loading and unloading area (expenses according to actual minutes flown and the standing fee).

1.3 Payload per flight
Transport capacity shall be warranted for the air temperature designated as normal on the scheduled date of use. If this is higher than normal, the payload to be transported shall be reduced in accordance with aviation requirements. The maximum weight for the payload specified in the offer is binding. If the transported goods exceed the maximum weight specified in the offer, the additional flight costs required (expenses according to actual minutes flown) and the standing fee shall be borne by the customer. In case of disagreement, the helicopter's on-board scale shall be used to measure the load. Air Zermatt and/or the corresponding insurance company shall decline any liability in the event of damage to the transported goods due to surplus weight.

1.4 Deviation from offer/order confirmation
If the order is modified and deviates from the offer and/or order confirmation (e.g. different take-off or landing site, heavier underloads etc.), billing shall be changed accordingly (expenses according to actual minutes flown). Air Zermatt reserves the right to use a different type of helicopter other than the one specified in the offer, whereby such a change in arrangements shall have no influence on the sum of the offer.

1.5 Protective equipment for ground and/or auxiliary personnel
When conducting assembly and transport flights, heavy transports of all kinds, transport flights with concrete skips or transports of felled wood, the customer is obliged to provide the personnel with suitable work-specific safety equipment in accordance with SUVA regulations (helmet, gloves, safety glasses, assembly safety belts, brightly coloured protective clothing etc.). If the client disregards these regulations, any claims for liability or recourse against Air Zermatt shall be excluded in the event of damage.

1.6 Take-off and landing sites
In general, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the permission of the property owner for use of the site for take off, landing and disposal. Any special permits issued by the local authorities (municipality, police etc.) for flights of any kind over densely populated areas shall also be obtained by the customer.
A special permit from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) must be obtained for flights purely for tourist purposes whose take off or landing takes places at altitudes above 1,100 metres.

1.7 Advertisement and stunt flights
Flights for the purposes of advertisements or stunts are prohibited by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

1.8 Damage claim
Damages for which Air Zermatt is held responsible and for which compensation is being claimed shall be reported in writing to Air Zermatt within three days of occurring. Repairs to damaged vehicles, materials or buildings may only be carried out after consulting with Air Zermatt.

1.9 Force majeure
In the event of force majeure, none of the contracting parties shall be held liable by the others for any damage arising therefrom. This shall also apply if a transport is cancelled or postponed as a result of poor weather conditions or due to a technical defect. If the customer insists on the having the transport carried out in uncertain weather conditions and the pilot has to cancel or abort the transport in situ, the customer shall be liable for the costs incurred (expenses according to actual minutes flown).

1.10 Validity of offers
Unless otherwise agreed upon, all prices quoted shall be valid for six months from the date of the offer. Aviation fuel (kerosene) price adjustments are reserved. Prices are quoted for normal weather, visibility and wind conditions.

1.10 Terms of payment
Missions in Switzerland: 30 days net
Missions outside of Switzerland: by arrangement
For late payments, a default interest shall be charged at the respective rate for current accounts at Credit Suisse Zermatt.

2. Aviation regulations

The transports designated in our offers are subject to the provisions of the Swiss Ordinance on Air Transport, the Warsaw Convention and its Additional Protocols (Hague Protocol, Montreal Protocol No. 2 and Montreal Convention) and EC Regulation 2027/97 on air carrier liability in the event of accidents, and other national laws where applicable. If carriage is subject to EC Regulation No. 2027/97 or the Montreal Convention, limitations to liability are not applicable in the case of death, injury or other damage to a passenger's health. In case of an accident, the passenger or his/her relatives are entitled to an immediate payment within 15 days in accordance with Art. 5 of EC Regulation No. 2027/97 if applicable. The conditions of carriage for passengers shall be made known to them in an suitable form prior to the flight.

3. Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is based on Air Zermatt's cover notes, which are concluded and determined on an annual basis. Costs for additional and/or other agreements shall be borne by the customer.

3.1 Liability insurance

Maximum guaranteed amounts (standard coverage) for personal injury and property damage to third parties and passengers per occurrence:
SA 315 B Lama: CHF 20,000,000.00
AS 350 B3 Ecureuil: CHF 35,000,000.00
EC 135 T2 / Bell 429: CHF 50,000,000.00

Included in the liability are:

  • damages to passengers and third parties outside the aircraft (CSL or standard coverage).
  • luggage up to a max. CHF 10,000.00 per person and occurrence.

Every person who flies in an Air Zermatt helicopter must be in possession of a valid ticket.

3.2 Passenger accident insurance

In the event of an accident, the following amounts per seat and occurrence are insured:

  • In the event of death: CHF 100,000.00
  • In the event of permanent disability: max. CHF 100,000.00

3.3 Insurance for external loads
All goods transported by our helicopters as external and/or internal loads shall be insured per flight and damage event in case of loss or damages, provided that Air Zermatt is at fault. The legal liability for freight shall be 19 special drawing rights per kilogram (approx. CHF 28.00/kg). Freight is insured for all helicopters up to a maximum of CHF 150,000.00 per occurrence. Freight/loads that represent an increased risk (e.g. works of art, jewellery, goods with a higher value or those that are sensitive to vibrations, temperature and/or pressure etc.) must be reported to Air Zermatt prior to transport. The customer shall be responsible for the proper packaging and designation of the correct attachment points for underload transports.

The customer acknowledges the insurance coverage listed above when placing an order by telephone or in writing.

4. Binding obligation

These General Terms and Conditions shall be binding. Any other conditions that deviate from these General Terms and Conditions shall only be valid if they have been expressly confirmed in writing by Air Zermatt.

5. Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction and the place of performance shall be Visp. The legal relationship shall be subject to Swiss law.

Air Zermatt Rescue Card

Air Zermatt is a private helicopter company that has played a major role in air rescue in Switzerland since 1968. During its long history Air Zermatt has grown to become an essential part of the emergency rescue service sector. Air Zermatt is committed to helping people in emergencies around the clock, 365 days a year with its motto “There are moments in life when you simply need them”. In order to fulfill this goal Air Zermatt relies upon the goodwill and support of its Rescue Card members.

Hereafter the options of the Rescue Card that are possible:

  • single person
  • small families; single parents and their children (under the age of 25) if they live in the same household or if they regularly return home on the weekends.
  • couple (twice the contribution for a single person)
  • families; parents and their children (under the age of 25) as long as they live in the same household or if they regularly return home on the weekends; working animals included.

In return for members’ solidarity and support, Air Zermatt assumes responsibility for the costs of the assistance services listed below on their behalf (as long as a health insurance company, accident insurance or other responsible third party does not partially or fully bear the costs). For members whose legal place of residence is outside of Switzerland Air Zermatt is only responsible for providing emergency assistance within Switzerland (no ambulance service).

Switzerland and Liechtenstein

  • Rescue flights and medically necessary transportation with an ambulance to the nearest appropriate hospital (only once per year for the same occurrence)
  • Medically necessary transfers from hospital to hospital
  • Rescue attempts made by teams on the ground if there is a realistic chance of saving life
  • Search and rescue flights if there is a realistic chance of saving life
  • Evacuation and primary rescue operation if human life is seriously endangered
  • Rescue flights in order to recover a corpse (after consultation with the responsible authorities)
  • Helicopter transportation of injured or dead animals (only combined with other flights) to the closest location that can be reached by another method of transportation if the owner of the animal has an Air Zermatt family membership. Search flights are not included. Transportation of animals only in the region of the upper Valais. The recovery costs of working animals are limited up from May 1 to September 30.
  • The costs of the deductible and the franchise are not included


  • Medically necessary repatriation from outside of Switzerland (or Liechtenstein) for Swiss or Liechtenstein residents and consultation at medical problems overseas as needed
  • Transportation of the corpse from abroad to the last registered place of residence (Switzerland or Liechtenstein) with the approval of the appropriate authorities

The Air Zermatt Rescue Card does not include any services for occurrences resulting from:

  • Sporting activities that are considered hazardous (see the SUVA regulations)
  • Non-compliance with regulations or precautions for covered athletic activities
  • Deliberate criminal activities or attempts to commit them or participation in brawls
  • Alcohol, drug or pharmaceutical abuse, suicide or suicide attempts
  • Privately organized ambulance or other return transports without Air Zermatt’s authorization

The Air Zermatt Rescue Card membership begins on the day following receipt of payment and ends one year later, if the membership is not renewed. The assistance provided for the above services takes place in Switzerland and worldwide. However, Air Zermatt cannot make any guarantees in terms of the Insurance Contract Law but rather performs services according to the means (this includes financial means, technical means and human resources) available. Air Zermatt evaluates operations based on medical, social or operational criteria. Air Zermatt determines the type and time of deployment for all rescue efforts. Air Zermatt also reserves the right to authorize third parties to complete rescue efforts. The Air Zermatt Alarm Control Center is available daily for anyone seriously ill, injured or in an emergency situation (Telephone +41 27 570 70 00).

Valid as of May 2019. These general terms and conditions are originally written in German. The French, Italian, and English versions are translations. In questions of interpretation or disagreement, the original German version is authoritative!


Air Zermatt Training Center

Sie erhalten nach Anmeldung in der Regel per E-Mail eine Bestätigung über Ihren reservierten Kursplatz. Die Kurskosten sind bis spätestens bei Kursbeginn zu bezahlen (Eingang auf unserem Konto). Dazu bieten wir Ihnen über unsere Homepage die komfortable Online-Zahlung via Stripe an. Die Anmeldungen werden in der Reihenfolge ihres Eingangs berücksichtigt.

Wir behalten uns vor, bei Nicht-Erreichen der Teilnehmerzahl den Kurs bis 21 Tage vor Kursbeginn schriftlich oder per E-Mail abzusagen. Die Kommunikation via E-Mail entspricht dem Status gedruckter Dokumente und ist verbindlich für beide Seiten. Es sind keine unterschriebenen Dokumente nötig. Ein Anspruch auf Durchführung der Kurse oder bestimmter Kursinhalte besteht nicht. Erforderliche Anpassungen (z. B. wetterbedingt) führen nicht zu einer Erstattung von Kurskosten. Im speziellen Fall werden wir uns aber bemühen, individuelle Lösungen zu finden.

Bei einer Abmeldung Ihrerseits werden folgende Gebühren verrechnet:

Werktage vor Kursbeginn Gebühren
bis 20 Werktage Bearbeitungsgebühr von CHF 50.– 
19 – 15 Werktage 50% der Kurskosten
14 – 10 Werktage 75% der Kurskosten
9 – 1 Werktage 100% der Kurskosten


Bitte schliessen Sie eine Reiserücktrittsversicherung ab, damit Ihnen im Falle einer Verhinderung keine Kosten entstehen. Bei Nichterscheinen ohne Abmeldung wie oben beschrieben, verrechnen wir die volle Kursgebühr.

Die Versicherung gegen Unfall und Krankheit liegt grundsätzlich beim Teilnehmer. Für unseren Verantwortungsbereich besteht selbstverständlich eine Haftpflichtversicherung.


Air Zermatt AG

Heliport Zermatt
Spissstrasse 107
CH-3920 Zermatt
T +41 27 570 70 00
E-Mail: zermatt@air-zermatt.ch

Heliport Raron
Wolfseyastrasse 11
CH-3942 Raron
T +41 27 570 70 70
E-Mail: raron@air-zermatt.ch


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