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General News

SRF-DOK shows portrait of Air Zermatt flight paramedic

Rebekka Frieden works as a flight paramedic for Air Zermatt. She realised her dream of working in a helicopter as a flight paramedic through hard work. She is now the first woman in this position at Air Zermatt and has been flying independently in a helicopter since Easter 2022. SRF 1 will give an insight into Rebekka Frieden's everyday life on Friday evening, September 2, 2022.

Press realeses

Successful night rescue of a 14-year-old boy

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Air Zermatt was on mission for a 14-year-old boy from Great Britain. The boy had previously become separated from his family while hiking, went off the trail and was ultimately trapped in an inaccessible rock face. The boy was rescued from the rock face using a rescue winch.

Press realeses

Night rescue by Air Zermatt on the Matterhorn

Air Zermatt, in cooperation with the Zermatt rescue station, evacuated two Polish alpinists on the Matterhorn in the early hours of Thursday morning. The two climbers had sent out a call for help on Wednesday evening. However, due to fog, a rescue was neither possible on foot nor by helicopter. It was not until Thursday morning that the rescuers managed to evacuate the two climbers.

Press realeses

Air Zermatt has patent on new fire-fighting boiler

Air Zermatt has patented a fire-fighting boiler that improves fire-fighting with helicopters while increasing pilot safety. Another advantage: since one tonne of extinguishing water can be concentrated and dropped on the source of the fire within only three seconds, the extinguishing effect is higher compared to previous boilers. The fire-fighting boiler was developed by Air Zermatt founder Beat Perren.

Press realeses

Intensive week of operations at Air Zermatt

The rescuers of Air Zermatt were in constant duty last week. In total, the Air Zermatt rescue crews were called out more than 70 times by helicopter and more than 20 times by ambulance from Monday to Monday. A selection of some of the missions shows that the emergencies could not have been more different.

Press realeses

New flight simulator at Air Zermatt heliport

Air Zermatt has installed an new and innovative flight simulator with virtual reality at its base in Zermatt. The new machine will enable both beginner and more experienced pilots to complete flight hours and flight checks via VR (virtual reality). Air Zermatt, along with another company, is one of the first in Switzerland to opt for a flight simulator from the Swiss manufacturer VRM Switzerland.

General News


On 1 May, the Air Zermatt rescue crew was called out together with Zermatt rescue specialists on a unique mission on the Furgg glacier. A 60-year-old man had fallen through the snow into the Furggbach stream and had been dragged downstream by the water. He was rescued from the freezing water at the last minute in a complex operation, ultimately suffering only frostbite.

Press realeses

Air Zermatt evacuates numerous people in mountain difficulties

The Air Zermatt rescue crews had an intensive weekend. The Upper Valais air rescuers were called to a total of 34 emergencies from Friday to Sunday. The missions were distributed both in the mountains and in the valley. However, Air Zermatt registered a noticeable number of evacuations in the mountains.

Press realeses

An emergency call in a roundabout way for Air Zermatt

Air Zermatt is called out on more than 2000 rescue missions every year. Last weekend alone, Air Zermatt registered 18 rescues. The alarms were raised via the Cantonal Valais Rescue Organisation (KWRO) with the emergency number 144. Last weekend, the Valais rescuers received an unusual emergency call.

Press realeses

Air Zermatt rescues four climbers on the Matterhorn

Air Zermatt evacuated four people from the Matterhorn on Friday morning in an elaborate rescue operation. Exhausted, the climbers had already sent out an emergency call on Thursday evening. However, strong winds made a quick rescue impossible. After a night on the mountain, the climbers were finally flown out of the Matterhorn on Friday morning.

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