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Finsteraarhornhütte, Air Zermatt, Helicopter

Air Zermatt also made a stopover at the Finsteraarhorn hut in the past few days.

Air Zermatt completes numerous rescue missions over Easter

Air Zermatt flew a total of 36 rescue missions over the Easter period from Good Friday to Easter Monday. That's a lot, but nothing unusual for the Easter season. Most of the rescuers were called to ski accidents, but also to crevasse rescues.

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1000 rescue missions since the beginning of the year

Air Zermatt flew its thousandth rescue since the beginning of 2022 on Wednesday, April 13. This is the first time in the history of the Upper Valais-based helicopter company that the 1000 mark has been reached so early in the year. This means that since the beginning of the year, Air Zermatt's rescue crews have been called out to people in distress an average of around ten times a day. That is a record.

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Alpha Zulu: Exciting Airmail!

The second edition of Alpha Zulu magazine is coming out in early April. Alpha and zulu are the first and last letters of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, and they also happen to be the symbol and abbreviation of Air Zermatt. The magazine provides an A-to-Z account of life in the air, from the spectacular to the ordinary.

Rescue specialists at work for crevasse rescue

Rescue specialists at work for crevasse rescue

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Air Zermatt deployed for several crevasse rescues

The fresh snow on the first weekend in April attracted numerous winter sports enthusiasts to the mountains on Monday. But danger lurks beneath the snow cover. Within a few hours, Air Zermatt was called to three glacier crevasse accidents on Monday. In addition, rope teams in the Monte Rosa region were surprised by icy cold. Intensive hours for the rescuers in the Upper Valais.

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Air Zermatt rescues mountaineers from crevasses

Even though spring is beckoning at the bottom of the valley, winter sports enthusiasts in the Upper Valais ski destinations are still enjoying the benefits of the winter season. Air Zermatt was called to a total of 23 rescues this weekend. Most of them were ski accidents, but there were also crevasse rescues.

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Air Zermatt instructs aspiring paramedics in air rescue

Organized by the Emergency Schulungszentrum AG Zofingen, prospective paramedics from all over Switzerland met in Saas Fee last weekend to deepen their medical knowledge together. Air Zermatt was also represented to introduce them to the topics of air and mountain rescue as well as medical first aid.

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An intensive week for Air Zermatt

Because of the nice weather and the schoolholidays in most of the countrys, a multiple of people spend the last week in Zermatt. Due to the well-filled slopes, Air Zermatt was called to 123 missions. Wintersport accidents where the reason for most of the rescues. 

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500th Air Zermatt rescue since the beginning of the year

On Friday afternoon, Air Zermatt flew its 500th rescue since January 1, 2022, and the number keeps growing. Over the weekend alone, 35 more rescue missions were added. In order to master the numerous missions over the weekend, sometimes up to five Air Zermatt helicopters were in the air at the same time.

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A perfect interaction of the rescue forces

True to the motto "luck seldom comes alone", Air Zermatt was able to rescue a person in the Blatten-Belalp region on Tuesday. The woman got lost in the fog, got caught in an avalanche, fell down a hillside, had to spend the wintry night in the open air and still survived. The woman was rescued thanks to the excellent cooperation of the rescue forces.

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Air Zermatt in continuous operation during winter sports vacations

It is high season in the ski resorts of Valais and therefore the rescue crews of Air Zermatt were in permanent service during the weekend for numerous and diverse accidents and evacuations. In total, Air Zermatt helicopters took off for 26 missions on Saturday and Sunday.

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