18. July 2022

Air Zermatt evacuates numerous people in mountain difficulties

The Air Zermatt rescue crews had an intensive weekend. The Upper Valais air rescuers were called to a total of 34 emergencies from Friday to Sunday. The missions were distributed both in the mountains and in the valley. However, Air Zermatt registered a noticeable number of evacuations in the mountains.

Evacuations on the Breithorn, on the Silbersattel, on the Weissmies or, among others, on the Dufourspitze. A rescue crew from Air Zermatt was called there on Saturday afternoon when a rope team needed help. When the flight rescuers reached the rope team in distress, they refused any help. In the evening at around 8pm, the same rope team made another emergency call. Air Zermatt was able to rescue the exhausted climbers unharmed.

Even in darkness, Air Zermatt was called to evacuations at the weekend. The air rescuers were called out to a night rescue on the Fiescherhorn and to another night rescue on the Gemmi via ferrata in Leukerbad.

Several crevasse operations

In addition, the rescuers of Air Zermatt were called to several crevasse operations over the weekend. For example, a mountain walker fell eight metres into a crevasse on the Trift glacier below the Wellenkuppe. Due to strong winds, the helicopter had to lower the rescue specialists about 100 metres above the crevasse. However, the alpinist was freed from the crevasse unharmed.

In another crevasse accident, a woman fell about 20 metres into a crevasse while descending from the Stecknadelhorn towards the Bordierhütte. Fortunately, the woman had two ice screws, an ice axe and crampons in her luggage. For three hours she struggled with the help of this equipment to free herself from the crevasse. With success. The air rescuers were able to fly the woman unharmed into the valley.

Death on the Weisshorn

On Saturday morning, the rescuers of Air Zermatt were also called to a tragic mission on the Weisshorn. A young climber fell several hundred metres on the Weisshorn. The emergency services could only ascertain the death of the young climber.

Several helicopters involved in traffic accidents in Upper Valais

In the past few days, Air Zermatt also had to fly several patients from traffic accidents to hospitals.

On Friday afternoon, a vehicle left the road on the Blattenstrasse above Naters for unknown reasons. The vehicle rolled several metres down a slope, overturned and then came to a halt in a meadow. Third parties immediately alerted the emergency services. Three people were injured in the accident. Air Zermatt flew the driver to the hospital in Sion.

On Sunday afternoon, a traffic accident occurred in Gampel in which two Air Zermatt helicopters were involved. A car hit two pedestrians. One person was seriously injured, the other moderately. Air Zermatt flew both people to the Inselspital in Bern with one helicopter each.


Evacuations, rescues, winches

34 rescues missions from Friday to Sunday at Air Zermatt © Mirjam Kluka

Evacuations, rescues, winches

Busy weekend at Air Zermatt © Mirjam Kluka

Evacuations, rescues, winches

Rescues in the mountains and in the valley © Mirjam Kluka

Evacuations, rescues, winches

Winch rescue operation © Mirjam Kluka


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