17. July 2023

Forest fire near Bitsch: Several helicopters in action

A powerful forest fire is raging above Bitsch. The fire is being fought both from the air and from the ground. Air Zermatt immediately deployed several helicopters. The fire-fighting work from the air continues throughout the night.

The fire broke out in Bitsch near the Massaweg and spread rapidly towards Riederhorn. A total of three Air Zermatt single-engine helicopters have been used to extinguish the fire since it broke out. Until nightfall, the fire brigades were unable to bring the fire under control. 

During the night, the fire-fighting flights will therefore continue with one twin-engine helicopter each from Air Zermatt and Air Glaciers. On Tuesday at dawn, the fire-fighting efforts will be supplemented from the air by three large helicopters and one army helicopter. 

The air transport operations manager decides in collaboration with the fire brigades how many helicopters will be used to fight the fire so that safety is guaranteed at all times.


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