05. April 2023

The new Alpha Zulu magazine is out!

Air Zermatt published the third issue of its popular magazine "Alpha Zulu" in the first week of April. The new issue offers an impressive look behind the scenes of the Valais-based helicopter company that goes far beyond rescue operations in the mountains. The magazine shows the many facets that make up Air Zermatt and invites its readers to immerse themselves in a world full of passion, innovation and heart and soul.

Since its founding, Air Zermatt has made it its mission to help people in need - a commitment that is deeply rooted in its DNA. The third issue of Alpha Zulu magazine impressively shows the effort the company makes to be there for people in need at all times. Air Zermatt has made a huge leap forward in recent years: in the mid-1980s, Air Zermatt was called out on just under 600 rescue missions, but in recent years it has been called out on over 2,000 missions. It is Air Zermatt's task to be ready at all times, not only technically but also organizationally. The magazine illustrates in an impressive way how Air Zermatt meets this goal.

However, the new magazine not only features exciting stories and information about Air Zermatt's rescue operations; in addition to presenting the new mountain bag, it also explains the firefighting boiler and its function. In an interview with the young pilots, readers find out what the years of training are all about, and a visit to the ropemaking workshop takes a close look at how the transport equipment is made. In addition, the magazine provides an exclusive insight into the workshop of Airbus Helicopters Marignane in France, where the new Ecureuil H125 (AS 350 B3e) is currently being assembled. 

Hot off the press and packed with exciting stories is the new issue of Alpha Zulu magazine. Air Zermatt has done some behind-the-scenes research for you and compiled all the highlights from the past year - enjoy reading! 

The third issue of the magazine is published in a print run of 48,000 copies. It will be delivered directly to owners:inside of the rescue card as well as to all households in the Upper Valais. In addition, the magazine can be ordered in the Air Zermatt online store.


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