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Forest fire near Bitsch: Over 24 hours of fire-fighting operations

Air Zermatt helicopters have been fighting the forest fire above Bitsch for over a day. In particular, the fire-fighting flights of Air Zermatt during the first hours and during the night on Tuesday were able to significantly contain the fire; buildings in the forest fire area were protected by the tireless fire-fighting efforts.

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Forest fire near Bitsch: Fire-fighting flights throughout the night

The forest fire above Bitsch spread explosively on Monday evening. Because of the impassable and steep terrain, the fire brigade is relying on helicopters to fight the fire. The Valais helicopter companies Air Zermatt and Air-Glaciers have been fighting the forest fire since it broke out. On Tuesday, several large helicopters will reinforce the fire-fighting efforts.

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Forest fire near Bitsch: Several helicopters in action

A powerful forest fire is raging above Bitsch. The fire is being fought both from the air and from the ground. Air Zermatt immediately deployed several helicopters. The fire-fighting work from the air continues throughout the night.

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Certification of the Air Zermatt firefighting courses

When fighting fires in impassable terrain, the use of helicopters is an efficient means. Air Zermatt trains fire brigades from all over Switzerland and abroad accordingly. As the first helicopter company in Switzerland, the helicopter courses for fire brigades have now been certified by the Fire Service Coordination Switzerland (FKS).

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Landing accident with Air Zermatt helicopter

Shortly before eight o'clock this morning, an H125 AS350 B3 Écureuil helicopter belonging to Air Zermatt had an accident.

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Start of the summer season: operations increase

Air Zermatt's help has been in great demand over the last few days. The beautiful weather encouraged numerous alpinists to take a trip into the mountains. Accordingly, the Air Zermatt rescuers often had to rescue excursionists and mountaineers from their predicaments. But the Air Zermatt crews were also called to a traffic accident, to transfer flights and to night missions.

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Groundbreaking decisions at Air Zermatt

Air Zermatt was able to look back on a very good year on Friday afternoon at its 54th general meeting on Riffelalp above Zermatt. The shareholders were presented with groundbreaking decisions that the company has taken. It was noted with pleasure that the air rescue service in the Valais was awarded to the two Valais companies in the tender.

Two happy endings on the Matterhorn

Air Zermatt flew the first rescue missions of the season on the Matterhorn last week. The first mission was a search flight during the night with an unexpected end. In the other rescue, Air Zermatt rescuers helped two climbers who were in a difficult situation on the summit of the Matterhorn and were successfully evacuated.

General News

The "Biner Flow" and much more in the new mountain handbook

In the Mountain Handbook pilots share a collected treasure of tips and tricks with all pilots in the world

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Behind the scenes at Air Zermatt

On Saturday, the Swiss Helicopter Day of Air Zermatt took place in Raron. The open hangar day attracted around 5000 enthusiastic visitors from near and far. The multifaceted program offered the guests exciting experiences around the fascinating world of Air Zermatt.

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