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500th Air Zermatt rescue since the beginning of the year

On Friday afternoon, Air Zermatt flew its 500th rescue since January 1, 2022, and the number keeps growing. Over the weekend alone, 35 more rescue missions were added. In order to master the numerous missions over the weekend, sometimes up to five Air Zermatt helicopters were in the air at the same time.

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A perfect interaction of the rescue forces

True to the motto "luck seldom comes alone", Air Zermatt was able to rescue a person in the Blatten-Belalp region on Tuesday. The woman got lost in the fog, got caught in an avalanche, fell down a hillside, had to spend the wintry night in the open air and still survived. The woman was rescued thanks to the excellent cooperation of the rescue forces.

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Air Zermatt in continuous operation during winter sports vacations

It is high season in the ski resorts of Valais and therefore the rescue crews of Air Zermatt were in permanent service during the weekend for numerous and diverse accidents and evacuations. In total, Air Zermatt helicopters took off for 26 missions on Saturday and Sunday.

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Air Zermatt introduces 24-hour on-call service at Gampel base

Since Friday, Air Zermatt is on standby with a rescue team 24 hours a day at the base in Gampel. In case of an emergency call, helicopter, pilot, paramedics and the emergency doctor are ready for action even faster day and night. This measure shortens the start of a rescue team at night by up to 20 minutes.

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Air Zermatt rescues two alpinists on the Matterhorn

An Air Zermatt rescue crew evacuated two alpinists on the Matterhorn over the weekend under extremely difficult wind conditions. The two climbers were blocked on the Solvay Hut. "This was one of my most difficult rescues," said pilot Robi Andenmatten.

General News

Congratulations on 10 years of service

Nicole Kummer joined the Air Zermatt team in January 2012.

General News

Partnership with Ski Valais

On Wednesday, representatives of Air Zermatt and Ski Valais met in Zermatt to seal a new collaboration. The aim of this partnership is to promote Valais skiing talent. At the same time, the young skiers are to be made aware of the professions of Air Zermatt as well as mountain rescue.

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Additional Certified Flight Paramedics in the team

Our paramedics Menno Boermans and Tobias Laner recently successfully achieved the internationally recognized Certified Flight Paramedic FP-C & Certified Critical Care Paramedic certification.

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Air Zermatt rescue crews in continuous operation during the festive season

117 helicopter rescues and 65 ambulance missions: The balance of Air Zermatt's rescue missions over the festive season is impressive. The rescue teams were in continuous operation between December 24, 2021 and January 3, 2022. In order to cope with the high number of rescues, Air Zermatt has up to five rescue machines in operation at the same time.

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Helicopter incident with private pilot

During a hard landing on the mountain landing field "Alphubel", a private pilot, who had chartered a helicopter of the type Lama of Air Zermatt AG, severely damaged the machine today.

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