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Currently we have no open job offers. Still feel like you would fit perfectly within our company? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Helicopter Flight Physician – Job description

The emergency helicopter flight physician is responsible for providing patients with medical assistance at the accident site, as well as attending to patients during primary and secondary missions up until the patient has been handed over to the medical staff at the hospital. Due to the special topography of our area of operation, one of the key activities of flight physicians involves recovering patients from rough terrains by means of a rescue hoist and long line.

General Requirements

  • Swiss state examination or equivalent state-recognized diploma
  • Swiss work and residence permits
  • Experience in air rescue preferred, experience in ground-based rescue required
  • Willing to assume a minimum of 20 emergency medical rescue missions per year
  • Place of residence/work ideally in the Upper Valais region

Professional requirements

  • FMH specialist in Anesthesiology and/or Intensive Care Medicine, in exceptional cases FMH specialist in Internal Medicine with several years of experience in anesthesiology/intensive care medicine
  • Training objective or certificate for preclinical emergency care
  • Four-day emergency physician course
  • International Diploma for Mountain Medicine or Mountain Emergency Medicine (SGGM, IKAR)
  • ACLS course or ALS course
  • PALS and ATLS courses

Language requirements

  • Spoken and written German
  • Spoken French (approx. 30% of the rescue services are in the French-speaking region) and English language skills

Personal requirements

  • Able to work under pressure, both physically and mentally
  • Able to work in a team, demonstrates flexibility and reliability
  • Accustomed to working independently
  • Interested in emergency medicine and training activities
  • Good physical fitness, unafraid of heights
  • Experienced in working in the mountains with fundamental alpine safety techniques
  • Skilled in ascending and descending via ferratas (min. 3°)
  • Knowledge of how to behave in alpine terrain, knowledge of alpine dangers (avalanches, crevasses, etc.)
  • Experience in high mountain regions, able to work in snow and ice (touring skis and crampons)

Internship Rescue Service

Unfortunately, Air Zermatt cannot offer internships. For insurance and safety reasons, we cannot take interns on the rescue helicopters.

Due to our operational area up to an altitude of 4600 m above sea level, we are weight limited, especially during the warm summer months. In addition to the standard crew consisting of pilot, paramedic and emergency physician, we take an additional rescue specialist with us for missions in the high mountains; or in the case of injured children in the ski area, a parent. Thus, with four seats available on the aircraft, we are also limited by the space available.

Since the pilot is responsible for the flying, they try to keep the risk as low as possible, also taking into account a possible limitation of performance due to unnecessary weight, and thus to be able to guarantee a certain safety reserve during operations at altitude.

All prices in CHF, including VAT, excluding shipping costs.