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Fast and easy: book a helicopter transfer

A Air Zermatt helicopter transfer allows you to easily and quickly reach Zermatt and Valais from across Switzerland and its neighboring countries.

  • Luxurious helicopter flights
    Enjoy comfortable and safe flights in state-of-the-art helicopters. Our experienced pilots will take you safely to your destination while you enjoy the spectacular views.
  • Flexible routes
    Whether a flight from the airport to Zermatt / Valais or directly to your business meeting – we customise our routes to your individual needs.
  • Time saving and comfort
    avoid long waiting times and traffic jams. With our helicopter transfer, you can travel quickly, comfortably and in style.
  • Breathtaking views
    Discover the beauty of the Swiss landscape from a unique perspective. An experience not to be missed!


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Helicopter Transfer Zermatt

Helicopter Transfer from or to     Flight Time
Altenrhein / St. Gallen     ~ 80 Minutes
Basel     ~ 70 Minutes
Bern     ~ 35 Minutes
Chiasso     ~ 30 Minutes
Geneva     ~ 45 Minutes
Gstaad / Saanen      ~ 25 Minutes
Milano Malpensa
(Flight Zermatt - Chiasso, cab ride Chiasso - Malpensa)
    ~ 30 Minutes (flight),
~ 45 Minutes (cab ride)
Lugano / Agno     ~ 30 Minutes
Locarno     ~ 25 Minutes
Sion     ~ 15 Minutes
Sion (Handling Signature)     ~ 15 Minutes
St. Moritz (Samedan)     ~ 55 Minutes
Verbier / Le Châble     ~ 20 Minutes
Zurich     ~ 60 Minutes

Helicopter Transfer Raron

Helicopter Transfer from or to Flight Time
Basel ~ 50 Minutes
Bern ~ 25 Minutes
Geneva ~ 45 Minutes
Lugano / Agno ~ 35 Minutes
Locarno ~ 30 Minutes
Sion ~ 12 Minutes
Sion (Handling Signature) ~ 15 Minutes
St. Moritz / Samedan ~ 55 Minutes
Zurich ~ 45 Minutes
Zermatt ~ 12 Minutes
Zermatt via Matterhorn ~ 18 Minutes

Available helicopters

Air Zermatt can deploy the following aircraft for helicopter transfers:

Conditions for Helicopter Transfers to / from Zermatt and Raron­­
  • The handling is organised by Air Zermatt.
  • The flights are carried out depending on weather conditions and sunrise/sunset times.
  • ­A pre-booking­ charge ­of 30%­ of­ the ­total­ cost is required in advance by ­credit­ card. The reservation is final once this booking fee has been paid.
  • The remaining costs of the helicopter transfer must­ be­ paid ­prior­ to­ the­ flight.
  • The pre-booking­ charge ­will­ be ­refunded­ in­ case ­the ­flight ­is­ cancelled ­due ­to ­bad ­weather­ conditions.
  • The pre-booking charge will not be refunded in case of client cancellations at short notice.
  • ­Separate ­luggage ­transport ­by­ vehicle­ can be organised by Air Zermatt. ­Transport ­costs ­available ­on ­request.
  • ­Back­ up ­transfer ­­in­ case­ of­ bad­ weather ­conditions is available and can be organised by Air Zermatt.­ Transport­ costs available ­on ­request.

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Air Zermatt
Spissstrasse 107
CH-3920 Zermatt
+41 27 570 70 00
E-Mail: zermatt@air-zermatt.ch


Air Zermatt
Wolfseyastrasse 11
CH-3942 Raron
+41 27 570 70 70
E-Mail: raron@air-zermatt.ch

All prices in CHF, including VAT, excluding shipping costs.