28. June 2024

A remarkable business year for Air Zermatt

A new managing director, the avalanche on the Alphubel, the 55th anniversary, the Bitsch forest fire: Air Zermatt looked back on an eventful year on Friday at its 55th General Assembly at the 24-hour helicopter base in Gampel.

Air Zermatt AG once again posted good results in the past financial year. Chairman of the Board of Directors Philipp Perren pointed out to the shareholders that the company had completed over 6000 flight hours. This figure emphasises the intensive use of the helicopter fleet in both the rescue and transport sectors. 

As in the previous year, the number of helicopter rescue missions in 2023 was over 2,100, once again exceeding the 2,000 mark. Air Zermatt was also able to report impressive figures for ambulance missions in 2023. With over 1,200 missions, the number was almost on a par with the previous year and significantly higher than in the years before the Covid-19 pandemic. These figures show a constant demand for Air Zermatt's services and the reliability of the company in emergencies.

Change in the management board

Gerold Biner stepped down from his position as CEO of Air Zermatt at the end of 2023. Before the shareholders' meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Philipp Perren paid tribute to Biner's achievements during his many years at the Valais-based airline. In Daniel Aufdenblatten, Air Zermatt has found an excellent successor who has the skills to successfully continue and further develop the spirit of Air Zermatt.

Avalanche mission on the Alphubel

On Holy Saturday 2023, a serious avalanche occurred in the Alphubel area above Saas-Fee, in which 16 people were buried. Four Air Zermatt helicopters were immediately alerted to transport rescue teams and equipment to the avalanche cone and support the search. Given the urgency of the situation, additional rescue teams from other regions were mobilised. Thanks to the rapid and coordinated operation, all those buried were rescued alive. The incident once again confirmed that Valais is excellently prepared for major incidents and mobilises support from all regions if necessary.

First Swiss Helicopter Day

The Swiss Helicopter Day organised by Air Zermatt took place in Raron in mid-May. The open hangar door day attracted around 5000 enthusiastic visitors. Helicopter fans had the unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the Swiss helicopter companies. The Swiss Helicopter Day showed that Air Zermatt enjoys great popularity and support among the population. Hundreds of cars from all cantons and abroad parked at Raron airfield to spend a day with Air Zermatt. The Valais-based aviation company also celebrated its 55th anniversary with the Swiss Helicopter Day.

The Bitsch forest fire

On 17 July, a devastating forest fire broke out above Bitsch. The Air Zermatt teams fought tirelessly against the flames to bring the fire under control. In total, the Air Zermatt helicopters flew almost 2,200 rotations to fight the fire. At the Air Zermatt General Assembly, Fire Brigade Commander Mario Schaller recalled this major event and emphasised the crucial role played by Air Zermatt in fighting the fire in Bitsch.


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