23. August 2023

Air Zermatt supports "Bärgüf" and "Sonne für behinderte Kinder"

In mid-May, Air Zermatt auctioned off 55 individual parts of the legendary Lama SA 315 B helicopter on "Swiss Helicopter Day". The proceeds of this auction will go entirely to the two Upper Valais institutions 'Sonne für behinderte Kinder' and 'Bärgüf - gemeinsam gegen Krebs'.

The llama auction met with great interest among helicopter enthusiasts. In total, proceeds of around 15,000 Swiss francs were raised. Air Zermatt rounded this amount up to 20,000 Swiss francs and donated 10,000 Swiss francs each to 'Sonne für behinderte Kinder' and 'Bärgüf - gemeinsam gegen Krebs'. It is in the DNA of Air Zermatt to help people in need, says Gerold Biner, CEO of Air Zermatt. The same mission would also be pursued by the two Upper Valais institutions. For Air Zermatt, the donation to the regional institutions is also a thank-you for the support from the Upper Valais population that the employees experience every day, according to Biner.

Living solidarity in the fight against cancer

In recent years, the Bärgüf association has developed into a strong brand in the fight against cancer. The association lives from lived solidarity. Besides organizing a charity event, the association supports over 70 projects in the fight against cancer. In the Bärgüf-Träff, the association has also created an open meeting place for patients as well as their families. "It is a touching moment every time to see what our help can achieve," says association president Patrick Gruber.

Direct aid for relatives of disabled children

The foundation 'Sonne für behinderte Kinder" (Sun for disabled children) focuses on families with a disabled child. These families are always severely challenged in their everyday lives, restricted and dependent on help. The foundation enables affected families to escape this daily routine for a short time. "We have not worked any miracles, but we have made many children's eyes light up," says foundation president Carmen Kalbermatten.

The auction

In 1971, the distinctive howl of the Lama SA 315 B helicopter sounded for the first time in Zermatt. Over a period of 50 years, a total of 16 of these powerful helicopters were used in countless rescue and transport flights. In December 2021, the donkey, as the Lama was affectionately known, came to an abrupt end. In mid-May, Air Zermatt auctioned off 55 individual parts of the last Air Zermatt Lama on Swiss Helicopter Day.


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The auction featured 55 individual parts of the legendary Lama helicopter.


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