08. April 2022

Alpha Zulu: Exciting Airmail!

The second edition of Alpha Zulu magazine is coming out in early April. Alpha and zulu are the first and last letters of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, and they also happen to be the symbol and abbreviation of Air Zermatt. The magazine provides an A-to-Z account of life in the air, from the spectacular to the ordinary.

In our day-to-day work, we at Air Zermatt often push ourselves to our limits, saving lives and tinkering on inventions to improve air rescue. Working as a team and passing on expertise are essential for us. That’s why we train new rescuers, support mountain rescue operations in the Himalayas, and perform pioneering work for internationally standardized procedures. The experience we acquire every day in the Alps makes Air Zermatt a competent, reliable partner worldwide. Our home may be in Valais, but we’re active across borders. After all: the sky is the limit.

In this issue we look at another topic close to our hearts and discuss why an Air Zermatt patronage is the best choice for anyone who lives in Valais. The Valais helicopter company provides a fleet of ten helicopters for rescue missions. Air Zermatt maintains three heliports and has 75 employees. If you ever require urgent help, one of the ten helicopters will come from Valais with mountain rescue specialists on board. And in an emergency, time means everything.

50,000 Valais residents are currently still patrons of Rega and not Air Zermatt. What they don’t realize is that the Air Zermatt patron card integrates more services and costs less while also guaranteeing safety and convenience in the region in the future. So if your heart is full of local pride for Valais and you haven’t yet opted for Air Zermatt, take a moment to compare. If you are already a patron of Air Zermatt, you’ll already know the benefits and can rest assured that you've made the right decision. We’re glad to have you on board with us.

The 60-page magazine provides deep insight into the company’s world, which includes so much more than just rescue operations on the Matterhorn. The second edition is being published with a print run of 47,000 copies. The magazine is delivered to the homes of everyone holding the rescue card and all Upper Valais households. You can order a copy on the Air Zermatt website. So get ready to sit back and browse through the world of Air Zermatt …


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