15. February 2024

Anniversary of employees

Air Zermatt is celebrating two anniversaries. René Lauber and Philipp Kluser have both been loyal employees of Air Zermatt AG for over 35 years.

Philipp Kluser

On 6th February, 1989, Philipp Kluser began an impressive journey with Air Zermatt AG.  On 6th February, 2024, we celebrated not just one day, but 35 years of tireless commitment, professionalism and the constant pursuit of excellence. Philipp started his career as a task specialist, but then quickly developed further and progressed through various stations. From paramedic to aircraft technician-mechanics to aircraft technician-avionics, he has proven time and time again that he is a multi-talented professional who takes on challenges with passion and expertise. In addition to his extensive knowledge of aviation technology, Philipp has knowledge in the field of information technology IT. His contribution to the integration of modern technologies into various processes has been invaluable.

René Lauber

René Lauber celebrated his 40th anniversary with Air Zermatt on 8th February, 2024 and can also look back on a varied career. He has seen and experienced a lot. He gained his first experience as a task specialist. During this time, he began training as an aircraft mechanic at the former army maintenance facility in Raron and obtained his license from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation in 1986. He later completed his training as a paramedic and graduated as an IVR paramedic on 13th April, 1989. In 1992, he took on the role of technical manager of the maintenance operation and he then worked as a technician and paramedic at Air Zermatt until 2000. Since 2001 he has been a member of the management as a vice managing director.

The management and all employees would like to thank Philipp Kluser and René Lauber most sincerely. With their many years of dedication and commitment, both have undoubtedly made a valuable contribution to the success of the company.



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