14. May 2023

Behind the scenes at Air Zermatt

On Saturday, the Swiss Helicopter Day of Air Zermatt took place in Raron. The open hangar day attracted around 5000 enthusiastic visitors from near and far. The multifaceted program offered the guests exciting experiences around the fascinating world of Air Zermatt.

On Saturday, Swiss Helicopter Day took place at Swiss helicopter bases. Helicopter fans get the unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of Swiss helicopter companies. Saturday showed that Air Zermatt has an enormous appeal and support among the population. Because already on Saturday morning many helicopter enthusiasts as well as supporters of Air Zermatt flocked to the base in Raron. Hundreds of cars from all cantons and from abroad lined up at the airfield in Raron to spend a day with Air Zermatt. For example, two young fans left Thuringia at 00:15 on Saturday morning to spend Swiss Helicopter Day with Air Zermatt.

sightseeing flights, rescue helicopter, VR flight simulator

One highlight of Air Zermatt's Swiss Helicopter Day was undoubtedly the sightseeing flights, during which visitors had the opportunity to marvel at the impressive mountain world from a bird's eye view. The backdrop of the Rhone Valley provided the perfect setting for unforgettable flying experiences. Visitors also had the opportunity to take a close-up look at the Air Zermatt rescue helicopter. The Bell429, which is used on life-saving missions every day, fascinates visitors with its technology as well as its impressive equipment. The Air Zermatt ambulances were also available for viewing and for questions and answers. For all those who had always wanted to slip into the role of a helicopter pilot, there was the opportunity to take the controls themselves in the VR flight simulator. This unique experience allowed participants to take virtual, true-to-life flights and put their flying skills to the test. Finally, the youngest Air Zermatt fans were able to let off steam on a bouncy castle, while their parents were able to marvel at a new type of electric aircraft.

Helicopter history under the hammer

On the occasion of the Swiss Helicopter Day, Air Zermatt celebrated its 55th anniversary at the same time. In the history of the Valais air rescuers, a total of 16 Lama helicopters were in operation. The last of these legendary aircraft had its final flying lesson at the end of 2021. Another highlight of Air Zermatt's Swiss Helicopter Day was the exclusive auction of 55 individual parts of the legendary Lama helicopter. These parts have a long history and are highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors. The auction provided excitement and offered guests the opportunity to secure a piece of helicopter history for themselves. Air Zermatt will donate a part of the proceeds to charity.

Tête-a-Tête with the Air Zermatt crew

The visitors appreciated the personal contact with Air Zermatt employees. A personal conversation with the pilots, information from paramedics or explanations from mechanics: the interest in personal experiences of Air Zermatt employees was great. At Gerold Biner's autograph session, his fans lined up to experience a moment with the CEO and pilot of Air Zermatt.

Air Zermatt's Swiss Helicopter Day was a complete success and offered guests an unforgettable day all about the Valais air rescuers.



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Autograph session with Gerold Biner, CEO and pilot of Air Zermatt.

Be a pilot yourself once with the VR flight simulator.

Get to know the equipment of the Air Zermatt ambulances.


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