26. October 2023

Complex crevasse rescue outside the ski slope

Last Monday, Air Zermatt was called to a rescue operation in Saas-Fee. A winter sportsman fell into a crevasse about 10 meters from the lift line. After a complex rescue operation, the injured skier, who was suffering from hypothermia, was flown by helicopter to the hospital in Sion.

On Monday morning, a skier in the ski resort of Saas-Fee left the marked slope and suddenly fell about 5 meters into a crevasse. Since the skier was traveling alone, the accident initially went unnoticed. It was only shortly before noon that his colleagues became aware of his absence and alerted the rescue services. Air Zermatt immediately flew rescue specialists to the scene, who were able to locate the injured skier in the crevasse with the help of the tracks in the snow. By the time rescuers arrived, the skier had been stuck in the crevasse for about 3 hours and was covered up to his head with snow from the collapsed snow bridge.

Additional rescuers requested 

The skier had to be freed from the masses of snow in an elaborate rescue operation. Additional rescue specialists were called in. As the skier had already been trapped in the crevasse for several hours, he melted into the ice and had to be literally pried out of the crevasse. After more than an hour, the rescuers finally managed to rescue the injured man from the crevasse. With a body temperature of 33 degrees, the injured skier was flown by Air Zermatt to the hospital in Sion. In the meantime, he has been able to leave the hospital again.

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The skier fell about 5 meters into a narrow crevasse.

The casualty had to be pointed out of the crevasse in an elaborate rescue operation.

Several rescue specialists had to be called in for the rescue.


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