31. August 2022

SRF-DOK shows portrait of Air Zermatt flight paramedic

Rebekka Frieden works as a flight paramedic for Air Zermatt. She realised her dream of working in a helicopter as a flight paramedic through hard work. She is now the first woman in this position at Air Zermatt and has been flying independently in a helicopter since Easter 2022. SRF 1 will give an insight into Rebekka Frieden's everyday life on Friday evening, September 2, 2022.

Flight Paramedic with Air Zermatt! A dream job for Rebekka Frieden. Already during her training as a practice assistant, it became clear to her that the fire in her was burning for the rescue service. One thing led to another. "The fact that I got the chance to be a paramedic with Air Zermatt is mega cool," says Frieden. But she has invested a lot in the last few years and subordinated a lot to her goal. Being a flight paramedic with Air Zermatt is also a bit of a reward for the rocky road to get there.

As a flight paramedic with Air Zermatt, Frieden is on board for delicate rescue missions. One such mission was to the Dufourspitze, Switzerland's highest point. Two alpinists are in distress and need help. For Rebekka Frieden and the crew, a mission at the limit begins, where the helicopter is at its performance limit. Every move the crew makes has to be spot on. 65 metres below the helicopter, the two exhausted alpinists are attached to the winch. They are lucky to have been rescued in the fog and wind.

SRF-DOK accompanied Rebekka Frieden and shows how she experiences her dream job in a male-dominated environment, masters personal challenges and is aware of her role model function at the same time.

Switzerland above 3000 metres

Many Swiss people live and work in the easily accessible heights of the Alpine massif, are shaped by them or seek refuge there. But only a fraction of them move above the altitude of 3000 metres above sea level. In the new portrait series of "SRF DOK", different protagonists are accompanied who pursue their passion and earn their living at over 3000 metres. In addition to Rebekka Frieden, a professional mountaineer, a spotter and the hut couple of the Hörnlihütte in Zermatt take the viewers up into the heights.

SRF-DOK with paramedic Rebekka Frieden
Broadcast: Friday, September 2, 2022, 9.00 p.m., SRF 1



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