29. May 2023

The "Biner Flow" and much more in the new mountain handbook

In the Mountain Handbook pilots share a collected treasure of tips and tricks with all pilots in the world

In a perfect world, a pilot leaves nothing to chance and can concentrate 100 percent on flying tasks. Today's reality, however, holds great potential for distractions of all kinds. Especially when things don't go according to plan, lead time is limited, or planning is rolling, the pilot must find a way to focus fully on what is truly important. With the "Biner Flow", the Embarrasing Checks as he calls them, Gerold Biner, with more than 30 years of professional experience, has found his way to focus when flying so that he can set priorities optimally.

"All the pilots of the world should know what the pilots of the world know."

The new mountain handbook Name, written by Simon Wittinger, published by the Swiss Helicopter Association SHA, shares knowledge by pilots for pilots. Among other things, it explains "biner flow" in detail.

The Mountain Handbook is designed as a technical manual for helicopter pilots who are either preparing for their mountain flying qualification or wishing to undergo further training. Certified mountain flight instructors may find this handbook a valuable training aid, as it contains a detailed description of flight planning, flight tactics and other relevant mountain flying topics.

“This book offers every pilot a treasure trove of tips and tricks for mountain flying. I am sure that this book will attract interest not only in Switzerland, but also around the world.” - Gerold Biner, CEO und Pilot Air Zermatt AG.

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