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Small Family Membership

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Single parent with children
up to the age of 25



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Parents with children up to the age of of 25 as well as livestock



Markus thanks the emergency physician Dr. Axel Mann

While on a mountaineering trip with friends in the Zermatt region, Markus fell into a 30-meter-deep crevasse on the Schwärze Glacier, which is located at an altitude of 3,450 meters. His friends called 144 to alert a rescue team, and Air Zermatt deployed rescue specialists to the scene of the accident. The standard equipment for crevasse rescues is an aluminum tripod: positioned over the crevasse, it uses a pulley system and drive wheels to pull two people up at the same time.

Seriously injured and unconscious, Markus was rescued from the crevasse. The emergency physician Dr. Axel Mann decided that it was necessary to make an emergency stopover at the Zermatt heliport in order to stabilize Markus, where he was given an infusion and painkillers. He was then administered an anesthetic, put on an artificial respirator and warmed with heat pads to prevent hypothermia, before being transport by helicopter to the University Hospital of Bern with severely injured and severely hypothermic. Three months later, Markus was well enough to visit us in Zermatt.

“Every second matters after an accident. It all comes down to everyone working together in a seamless manner: A prompt alert, a quick and outstanding rescue, and highly competent treatment in the hospital. That’s what my rescue was like. The Air Zermatt staff immediately recognized the severity of my situation and acted in a professional manner. From the mission leader to the pilots, and from the rescue team to the emergency doctor – every worked very closely together. I had fortune in my misfortune and remain very grateful years after my accident for this incredible rescue operation.

Every second matters

When every second matters, the mountain rescuers of Air Zermatt are there for you.
Always in action to save lives.



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