You can find everything you need to know about our terms and conditions of Air Zermatt membership here. Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

1. Air Zermatt Membership

What are the advantages of becoming a member of Air Zermatt?
As a show of gratitude for your solidarity and support, Air Zermatt assumes the ambulance, helicopter and assistance costs of its members as long as the health insurance company, accident insurance or any other third party under obligation to pay does not cover the costs in part or in full. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions for more information.

My friend is celebrating their birthday at the end of this month. Is it possible to give them a membership for a Rescue Card as a gift?
Yes. You can contact us directly be telephone (+41 27 570 70 83) or you can complete an online registration with the details of the person you would like to give the gift to. The documents to apply for membership will then be sent to you. After payment has been made, the Rescue Card will be sent in the form of a gift directly to you or to the person you wish to make the gift to.

2. Rescue Card

How long is the Rescue Card valid for?
The Rescue Card, i.e. membership, comes into force the day after payment is made and ends after one year if it is not renewed.

Why can't I find an expiry date on the Rescue Card?
Two months before your membership expires, we automatically send you an invoice as a reminder to renew your existing membership for the coming calendar year.  The reminder lists the expiry date of your existing Rescue Card. Upon paying the invoice, your membership is renewed for a full year (365 days).

Do I have to bring my Rescue Card with me so I can be identified as an Air Zermatt member in an emergency?
No. Your membership is stored in our system, and the question of whether you are a member only arises afterwards with respect to settling costs or claims. This is why family members (CHF 80) do not necessarily require their own card.

3. Family Cards

What are the different kinds of family cards?
We offer two types of family cards: the Family Card (parents with their children up to the age of 25, so long as they are living in the same household or returning to the same household on weekends on a regular basis) for CHF 80, and a Small Family Card for single parents with children (also up to the age of 25 and living in the same household) for CHF 45.

If my children are already 25 years old, are they still included in my family card?
Children living in the same household who are 25 years old need their own membership (CHF 35 for a single person).

We no longer have children under the age of 25. What is the best solution for us?
Please inform us of this as we cannot know if there are any children under the age of 25 living in your family. The membership fee for married couples without children under the age of 25 is CHF 70 (2x single person). Please be sure to include your partner's first name, surname and year of birth. If you own livestock, you will require a Family Card for CHF 80 as this includes livestock.

We have a Family Card but my wife and I are now separated and the children live with their mother. What do we have to do in order to keep the membership for all family members?
When you pay the family membership fee of CHF 80, the membership continues to be valid for both parents with children up to the age of 25.  If you no longer live together, we would be happy to change your address and divide the membership into 1x single person and 1x small family, if you would like.

4. Livestock / Agriculture

As an unmarried farmer, how much do I have to pay to have my livestock transported during the summer season when the animals are grazing in the high pastures?
Owners of livestock must have a Family Card for CHF 80 (regardless of whether they have a wife or partner) in order for the livestock to be included in the membership. Our helicopters can transport injured or dead livestock (but only in combination with other flights) to a location where they can then by reached by another means of transport, provided that the owner of the animal has a Family Card from Air Zermatt. Search flights are not included. We only transport livestock in the Upper Valais region. Recovery operations for livestock are only carried out until September 30.

5. General Inquiries

Is the Air Zermatt Rescue Card an insurance?
No. The Air Zermatt Rescue Card does notconstitute an insurance within the meaning of the Insurance Contract Act. Rather, Air Zermatt provides its services only within the scope of its available resources (financial, technical and personnel) and evaluates assignments according to medical, social and operational criteria.

According to your General Terms and Conditions, only people who are resident in Switzerland are entitled to all of the membership benefits.
Why are services for foreigners limited?

For members who have their legal place of resident abroad, Air Zermatt only provides assistance inside Switzerland. As a rescue services company, Air Zermatt makes its limited resources (financial, technical and personnel) available to a defined group of people only. This stands in contrast with an insurer, which is obliged to provide such services.

All prices in CHF, including VAT, excluding shipping costs.