First Aid

Laypeople often have reservations about helping sick or injured people. The Training Center provides you with the skills to help you act calmly and sensibly in an emergency situation.

How to act in an emergency situation

Like many other people, you might be afraid of doing the wrong thing or you can no longer remember what you were once taught.

However, the first minutes in an emergency situation are the most important ones. Any time lost here can be the difference between life and death. Getting it right from the start matters.

"There is no second chance in first aid"

Our courses teach participants how to act in an emergency situation. The courses, which are recognized and certified by the Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC) and the FPH training program, are aimed at laymen and professionals.


Course information

Location: Heliport Raron
Size: Min. 6 people / max. 8 people
Date: starting 2025
Course begin: 6.30 p.m.
Course prize: CHF 150 per person
Language of instruction: German


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