First Aid
Level 2 IVR

This first responder course is designed for emergency response officers and other people mandated with carrying out first aid.

The course provides people tasked with carrying out first aid with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain a person's health, save and rescue lives, and prevent complications in the event of accident-related physical injuries or acute illnesses. The course includes a full refresher of the BLS-AED-SRC course and training on first aid for everyday situations (without BLS-AED).

Course content IVR Level 2

  • Course introduction, entry test and sharing previous knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of patient assessment and monitoring, measures for conscious and unconscious patients
  • Trauma: Head and back injuries, airway obstructions, minor everyday accidents, traffic accidents, burns, electrical accidents, eye injuries, cuts
  • Material-specific and professional application
  • Cooperating with partners (rescue, fire and air rescue services, etc.)
  • Practical skills training with real-world simulations: Traffic accidents, spinal cord injuries, bleeding, burns, electrical injuries, head injuries, fractures, eye injuries, cuts
  • Rights and obligations, ethical behavior
  • Medical emergencies
  • Heart attacks (including those without symptoms), strokes, loss of consciousness (including from hypoglycemia), allergic reactions (including swelling of the airways), seizures, poisoning
  • Aids and initial measures
  • Practical skills training with simulations: Hypoglycemia, allergic reactions, poisoning including from local snakes, chest or stomach pains, seizures, strokes, heart attacks

Course information

Location: Heliport Raron
Course dates: September 25 - 27, 2024
Duration: 3 days (21 jours in total)
Course times: Morning session: 08:00 – 12:00
Afternoon session: 13:00 – 17:00
(with a short break per block)
Target group: People interested in acquiring extended knowledge and skills in first aid for everyday life and in preventative measures
Requirements: First Responder Level 1 certificate (not older than 2 years) or a valid BLS-AED card (not older than 2 years) and a valid emergency assistance card (not older than 5 years)
Course price: CHF 1050.00 per person (travel, food and accommodation not included)
Language of instruction: German

Further information

  • Practical component of the course accounts for 60%
  • Course includes final exam and information on further training opportunities
  • Guidance on training: Valid information on the Swiss Labour Code Ordinance 3, Article 36


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