Fire Services
Advanced Course I

The continuing education in handling a helicopter is considered to deepen the knowledge and extend the tasks of firefighters during a firefighting operation with a helicopter.

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When fighting fires in impassable terrain, the use of helicopters is an efficient means. For more than ten years now, Air Zermatt trains fire brigades from all over Switzerland and abroad accordingly. As the first helicopter company in Switzerland, the helicopter courses for fire brigades are certified by the Fire Service Coordination Switzerland (FKS).

Due to high demand, Air Zermatt developed continuing education courses for fire fighters in 2016. The courses are designed for participants who have completed the Basic Course for Firefighters on Working with Helicopters.

The advanced courses build on what was taught in the basic course and are supplemented by additional practical activities. They allow participants to deepen their knowledge, and they train firefighters for additional tasks during a firefighting operation involving a helicopter.

Course objectives

  • Deepen knowledge acquired in the basic course
  • Introduction to reconnaissance and search flights
  • Communication and briefing with pilots during reconnaissance and search flights



  • Knowledge review from basic course 
  • Repetition of practice activity on loading materials
  • Repetition of working with a helicopter


  • Reconnaissance and search flights for operation leaders
  • Searching for and finding obstacles
  • Communicating with pilots

Practical component in the field:

  • Positioning fall protection
  • Embarking and disembarking while hovering in difficult terrain
  • Suspension with HEC (long line)

Return flight and final briefing at the heliport.

Course information

Location: Heliport Zermatt
Size: Max. 12 people
Course dates: June 21, 2024 | June 28, 2024
Duration: 1 day
Course program:
  • 08:00 Arrival at Heliport Zermatt
  • 08:15 Theory: Knowledge review from basic course, repetiton of practice activity on loading materials, repetition of working with a helicopter
  • 09:30 Introduction reconnaissance and search flights for operation leaders, searching for and finding obstacles, communicating with pilots
  • 11:30 Practical components: Shifting into the terrain by helicopter
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Practical components: Positioning fall protection, embarking and disembarking while hovering in difficult terrain, suspension with HEC (long line)
  • 15:30 Return flight to heliport
  • 16:00 Final discussion and awarding of course certificate
Target group: Firefighters
Requirements: Completion of Basic Course
Training opportunities: Advanced Course II
Course price: CHF 600 per person (including lunch)
Language of instruction: German


Download course flyer (only available in German)

If you have any questions or wish to register by phone, please contact us on +41 27 570 70 70 or by e-mail at training@air-zermatt.ch.


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