Helicopter Underwater
Escape Training
& Water Survival

If a helicopter lands in the water, it depends on the right moves in the shortest time. In the HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) the participants are taught the correct behavior in theory as well as in practical scenarios in the event of a helicopter crash or an emergency landing in the lake as well as in the open sea.

The content of the course consists of a theoretical introduction to consider all aspects that come into play in such emergency situations, such as that a helicopter turns in the water in most cases, since the center of gravity is at the top of the gear and the rotor. The practical part starts with some exercises in the water (mastering emergency exit, safe handling of the life raft), before the trained rescue handles are then implemented in a cabin weighing 800 kilograms, which suspended from a crane above the 25-metre pool and is simply submerged in water.

The course format complies with international guidelines and is mandatory for all commercial airlines as well as rescue organisations operating in waters. Examples from reality in the past show that fatal accidents could be reduced by the right knowledge and regular training.

For the safety of the participants there is always a safety diver, as well as a lifeguard in reaction proximity.

This HUET course with our partner Campus Sursee Sportarena is a unique offer in civil aviation in Switzerland.

Course details

Course content:


  • Helicopter operations + safety
  • Survival equipment
  • Pre- and post crash procedures
  • Underwater evacuation from a capsized helicopter
  • Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS)

Open Water Survival

  • Signal devices
  • Water confidence exercise
  • Surviving extended time in the water using the life raft and other flotation devices
Medical problems associated with Helicopter Crash‘s in Water (hypothermia, injuries, drowning)

Minimum requirement:

Course participants must be able to swim a distance of at least 25 meters.
Course material:

All course material specific for the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (wetsuit, swim mask, etc.) will be provided by the organization.

For the practical part of the course in the water participants need to bring the following personal course material with them:

  • Swim suit
  • 2 towels
Course prize: CHF 800.00 per person
Included in the course: Course fee, lunch
Duration / schedule: 1 day from 9 am to 4.30 pm
Location: Campus Sursee Sportarena

Download flyer HUET and course details here.


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