H125 Flight

Being an Air Zermatt pilot yourself for once. This dream is made possible by the Airbus H125 simulator, which authentically reproduces the flight experience. Our professional pilots also practice critical maneuvers here.

Do you dream of being a helicopter pilot yourself one day? Then don't miss our special week from August 17 to 23, 2022.

In summer 2022, Air Zermatt put a new type of flight simulator with virtual reality into operation at its heliport in Zermatt. The helicopter that is simulated here is used by Air Zermatt for tourist flights, transport flights and rescues. The idea for the purchase, the entire development up to the realization was made in close cooperation with VRM Switzerland. The aircraft simulates the Ecureuil H125 (AS 350 B3e).



Fascination Helicopter Flying

With the new flight simulator, Air Zermatt is reducing its ecological footprint. In addition, the new acquisition offers a long-term solution to reduce costs and time. Thanks to the modern VR simulator, every second training session for the semi-annual flight training OPS (Operator Proficiency Check) and the annual license renewal LPC (License Proficiency Check) of the current pilots can be conducted at the heliport.

Benefits of the Flight Simulator

  • Extremely realistic simulation
  • Optimal image conversion without delay
  • Safe training possibility for difficult maneuvers
  • Training in any weather
  • Environmentally friendly

A Flight Simulator for Everyone

The device enables aspiring, but also experienced pilots via VR (Virtual Reality) to complete their flight lessons and flight checks. The simulator is not only available to Air Zermatt pilots, however. The simulator is also accessible to the public. Try the experience of flying once or find out if the vocation of a pilot is something for one: This new flight simulator also makes this possible.

Information and Request

If you have any questions or wish to register, please contact us on +41 27 570 70 70 or by e-mail at training@air-zermatt.ch.

More about the flight simulator and VRM Switzerland

Special offer from August 17-23, 2022

Opportunities for training difficult manoeuvres

"Special situations such as losing a tail rotor or performing an autorotation all the way to the ground are simply too dangerous in the real helicopter and are virtually impossible to practice. The simulator opens up new possibilities for us and closes gaps."

Tizian Gruber, lead operator on the new flight simulator

Train like the pros

"Beginner pilots can also complete their first flight hours in the simulator. They get a feel for the machine, and have less trouble operating the equipment once they finally sit in a real helicopter.” 

Gerold Biner, CEO and pilot of Air Zermatt AG

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