Air Zermatt does more than just come to your rescue – we also offer top-notch service and support for any and all kinds of transports. Whether it’s rough terrain in the backcountry or in the valley below, Air Zermatt is here for you.

Transport Flights

With the efficient helicopters of Air Zermatt, we can help you to meet your schedule. Air Zermatt flies all the construction material directly to your construction site.


Regional Program

The special offer for transporting materials with 
Air Zermatt lets you save time and money.


Photo Flights

The Air Zermatt is your partner whether your project entails filming, photography, aerial surveying or accessing and supervising construction sites from the air.


Ordinance On Landing Outside Of Airports

Please respect the rules and regulations concerning flights for construction and maintenance work, as well as for tourist purposes.

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Passenger Briefing

Air Zermatt takes safety seriously. Learn more about the different rules and regulations. Your safety is our top priority.


All prices in CHF, including VAT, excluding shipping costs.