Thanks to our many years of experience, we can efficiently replace components on high-voltage power lines or on masts and are there for you 365 days a year.

Many Years of Experience

Air Zermatt has many years of experience in assembling and disassembling components on high-voltage power lines by helicopter. We are a trusted partner when it comes to faults or maintenance work on power lines or pylons, and can also provide assistance with special requests.

We support transmission line construction companies in cases where conventional methods don’t quite fit the bill:

  • When short outage time frames are vital
  • When short road, rail or highway closures are important
  • In the event of storm damage
  • In the event of lightning strikes
  • In the event of avalanches, mudslides or rockfalls
  • In rough terrain

Machine fleet

Our Bell 429 helicopters are used to carry out the work, and the twin-engine machines are also suitable for use in densely populated areas. Our work processes comply with the requirements of the European and Swiss aviation safety authorities (EASA/FOCA).


We specialize in: 

  • replacing aerial marker balls on spans and pylons
  • repairing cable damage
  • replacing vibration dampers
  • replacing spacers dampers
  • installing bird spikes

Our references

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can count on valuable customers:

  • Swissgrid
  • Elia.be
  • RELE GmbH
  • Kummler+Matter
  • Duvoisin-Groux
  • FMV SA
  • IWB
  • IED Swiss
  • EWZ Zermatt
  • Zermatt Bergbahnen

Contact us

We are on standby 365 days a year and have a maximum response time of two hours for emergencies on the power grid throughout Switzerland.

We’ll be happy to provide a customized quote with a cost estimate for your order. Contact us by phone on +41 27 570 70 00 or via email at zermatt@air-zermatt.ch.

All prices in CHF, including VAT, excluding shipping costs.