The special offer for transporting materials with 
Air Zermatt lets you save time and money.

Bargain offers
of the regional program

In the regional program, customer requests are collected, planned in a timely manner and carried out in stages. Private customers benefit from cost-efficient transport flights, but in return must adhere to the transport time and sequence determined by Air Zermatt.

The costs for transit flights come to CHF 80.00 per customer and flight. The flight time for local transport is charged at CHF 42.00 per minute. The regional program takes place every Saturday from mid-May to mid-October. The deadline for registration is Thursday evening.

For information on the regional program in the Mattertal, please contact the Heliport Zermatt at +41 27 570 70 00 or by e-mail to zermatt@air-zermatt.ch. For all other regions in the Upper Valais, please contact the Heliport Raron at +41 27 570 70 70 or by e-mail to raron@air-zermatt.ch.

All prices in CHF, including VAT, excluding shipping costs.