We help you to meet your schedule! With the efficient helicopters of Air Zermatt we fly all the construction material directly to your construction site.

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Transportation of materials

Surprising as it may seem, the helicopter is the cheapest means of transport today, so it’s hardly surprising that more and more people choose to transport materials by helicopter. Whether you want to build a chalet in a remote location or you need to carry out repairs to your mountain hut, we will solve your transportation problems.

With its bases in Raron and Zermatt, Air Zermatt is very flexible and can be there fast. With five Ecureuil B3 helicopters, we can certainly accommodate you.

The majority of the air hours flown by Air Zermatt are taken up by the transportation of materials (approx. 55%). Included in this is the transportation of materials (concrete, iron, wood, etc.) to sites in the mountains for the construction of buildings, Swiss Alpine Club mountain huts, water supply facilities, avalanche defences, cable-cars, chairlifts and draglifts, including assembling masts and mounting cables.

For information on transport flights in the Mattertal, please contact the Heliport Zermatt at +41 27 570 70 00 or by e-mail to zermatt@air-zermatt.ch. For all other regions in the Upper Valais, please contact the Heliport Raron at +41 27 570 70 70 or by e-mail to raron@air-zermatt.ch.


These days it is no longer just mountaineers who enjoy the advantages of Swiss Alpine Club huts. These mountain huts, most of which are situated at impressive heights, are also a popular destination for hikers. Due to the high demand, mainly on weekends, hut attendants and their assistants would often run into food shortages if there weren't any helicopters, which can fly food and other materials to even the remotest corners in just a few minutes. Waste is taken away on the return flight and disposed of professionally in the valley below. Thirsty and hungry hikers and mountaineers have the hut warden and Air Zermatt crew to thank for this alpine hospitality.



In the past, avalanche barriers were very time-consuming – and extremely dangerous – to build. With its powerful helicopters, Air Zermatt can carry out such work in just a few hours. We have safely, quickly and affordably installed some 4,000 avalanche barrier systems in the last 10 years.


For several years now, considerable attention has been paid to caring for forests and ensuring their recovery. In order for the forest to maintain its role as a protective forest, provider of raw materials and recreation area, felled wood is flown out of the forest every year. This can be wood that is intentionally felled, which helps rejuvenate the tree population, as well as wood that has to be cut down due to wind damage, heavy snowfall or beetle infestation. As transporting felled wood is considered to be the most dangerous type of air transport work, it requires the utmost attention from the pilots as well as the ground crew until the very last rotation. 



In the past, cranes were very expensive and time-consuming to erect or required the use of winches. Today, the helicopter has become indispensable for assembling or installing cable cars, ski lifts, telecommunication antennas, television towers, transmission towers and, more recently, cell phone towers. This saves a considerable amount of time and money.

Assembly flights are also used in modular construction: In this new way of constructing homes, the wooden structures are usually prefabricated in the factory, which reduces the time spent at the building site, increases quality, makes it easier to adhere to deadlines, and simplifies interface coordination. It also reduces building site emissions.

Our flight assistants and pilots are on the building site for you every day. Whether for building conversions, modular construction, roof renovations, pipework construction or large support structures – we have the right specialists for you no matter the structure.

SUVA Standards

Air Zermatt follows SUVA Standards
You can read regulations, information, and tips on the wearing of safety helmets here.

Rules for Helicopter Ground Personnel
Life and health of people have absolute priority. Please download this SUVA brochure and discuss with all employees involved so that we can return home healthy in the evening.


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