Partnership Hertz

Thanks to the collaboration of Air Zermatt and Hertz Switzerland:
Enjoy Switzerland from every perspective

Two companies steeped in tradition that perfectly complement each other have begun a partnership in 2018, their joint anniversary year: Air Zermatt PLC and the car rental company Hertz offer safe, comfortable and, above all, experience-oriented mobility that literally opens up new vistas with the Hertz Prestige Collection helicopter sightseeing flight.

It is no secret that Switzerland has much to offer its visitors: sight after sight after sight – whether in the historic cities or in the wide outdoors. Those who would like to see as much of the countryside as possible would be best off renting a car from Hertz and exploring the backroads. Now such a journey is possible not only by land but also by air, because Hertz Switzerland has formed a partnership with Air Zermatt that directly benefits customers. Over the course of an hour, the Hertz Prestige Collection flight on Air Zermatt takes passengers to several of Switzerland’s natural attractions, namely the Matterhorn, the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau trio and finally the Aletsch Glacier. Hertz customers can book this attractively priced and wonderful helicopter sightseeing flight when they pick up their rental car.

In 2018, Air Zermatt, whose red and white helicopters conduct around 1700 emergency flights per year as well as sightseeing, taxi and transport flights, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It is an ideal time for the new partnership with Hertz Switzerland, especially since this year the car rental company is celebrating its 100th anniversary. “That Air Zermatt and Hertz are both celebrating a big anniversary in 2018 is pure coincidence, but it is an all the more beautiful sign of how compatible the two companies are”, said Gerold Biner, the CEO of Air Zermatt. Hertz Switzerland is also very happy about the partnership, and of course proud as well: “It is a great honor for us to be working together with Air Zermatt and that a fantastic Hertz Prestige Collection helicopter sightseeing flight is named after us”, said Roberto Delvecchio, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hertz Switzerland.

Air Zermatt customers will also benefit from special discounts on the services of car rental company Hertz

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