Transport Flights

We fly anything and everything

With the efficient helicopters of Air Zermatt, we can help you to meet your schedule. Air Zermatt flies all the construction material directly to your construction site.

Transportation of materials

Surprising as it may seem, the helicopter is the cheapest means of transport today, so it’s hardly surprising that more and more people choose to transport materials by helicopter. Whether you want to build a chalet in a remote location or you need to carry out repairs to your mountain hut, we will solve your transportation problems.

With its bases in Raron and Zermatt, Air Zermatt is very flexible and can be there fast. With one Lama helicopter and five Ecureuil B3 helicopters, we can certainly accommodate you.

The majority of the air hours flown by Air Zermatt are taken up by the transportation of materials (approx. 60%). Included in this is the transportation of materials (concrete, iron, wood, etc.) to sites in the mountains for the construction of buildings, Swiss Alpine Club mountain huts, water supply facilities, avalanche defences, cable-cars, chairlifts and draglifts, including assembling masts and mounting cables.

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Flown air hours contingent Air Zermatt AG

  • 60

    Transport Flights

    Material transport, logging, delivery of supplies to a mountain hut, Reconnaissance Flight, Film & Photography Flight, Mounting cables and special flights for lifting transports.

  • 20

    Tourist Flights

    Sightseeing flights, heliskiing and taxi flights.

  • 20

    Rescue flights

    All the rescue flights are carried out from our helicopter bases Raron, Gampel and Zermatt.