One Day Helicopter Operation Safety Seminar

One Day Helicopter Operation Safety Seminar

presented by: Claude Vuichard

Swiss Pilot Pioneers Life-Saving Helicopter Technique (May 24, 2017 Aviationweek Angus Batey)
Creator of the „Vuichard Recovery Technique » for Vortex Ring State escape, named so by Tim Tucker Chief instructor of Robinson Helicopter Company

This seminar will be a turn around in your
helicopter flight career towards safer
helicopter operation

  • CRM Definition
  • Human Factors in accidents and incidents
  • Errors: design, control and decision errors
  • SA Situational Awareness
  • First Point of Recognition
  •  Why Checks and Briefings
  • Influence of HF in decision errors
  • Perception
  • Influence of personality in operation
  • Readiness to assume a risk
  • Hazard and risk
  • Communication
  • Closed loop
  • Reflexes
  • Feedback
  • Expectation
  • Negative transfers
  • Overconfidence
  • Stress
  • Mental overload
  • Rational Decision Making
  • Avoidance of white or brown out
  • Tail rotor accidents
  • Dynamic rollover accidents
  • Avoidance of tailwind accidents


  • Recognition for outside landings
  • Vuichard Recovery for VRS escape
  • Vuichard quick stops technique
  • Vuichard slope landing technique
  • Vuichard autorotation techniques developed for mountain operation, confined area and at night
  • Avoidance of entering inadvertently in


  • Vuichard instrument scanning technique
  • Helicopter Emergency Malfunction Systematic

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Helikopter Safety Seminar


  • 13.01.2018  Kurssprache Deutsch
  • 10.02.2018  Kurssprache Französisch

Kurspreis: 275.- + Lunchpacket 15.-

Kursdauer: 10.00-17.00 Uhr

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